Puny God: Avengers Assemble, Raven's Gate and Horns

Rather religious theme this week with Norse gods, Satanists and the Devil.

Avengers Assemble 3D– saw this a few days ago at the Apollo Cinema, Piccadilly Circus, London.  Best line of the movie is uttered by the Hulk after he opens up a CostCo sized can of whup-arse on nasty Norse deity Loki.  The Hulk dismisses Loki with the words- “Puny god.”  Ruffalo nicely replaces Norton ar Dr. Bruce Bannerman and Cobie Smulders (the Canadian) from How I Met Your Mother does a nice turn as one of Nick Fury’s main agents.  Hulk smash!  Five out of five chainsaws.

Raven’s Gate– is the graphic novel adaptation of Adam Horowitz’s youth fiction novel.  It’s a UK based SciFi/horror about a delinquent teen’s battle against an evil cult’s attempt at causing a world-ending apocalypse.  Riveting story and also great art from Caballistics Inc.‘s Dom Reardon.  Four out of five chainsaws.

Horns– is the second novel from Stephen King’s second-born: Joe Hill.  Briefly- everybloke wakes up hungover… with horns growing out of his head.  Yes, we’ve all had nights like that.  I’m a third of the way through and loving it.  Four chainsaws so far.

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