The Smell of Fat, Teeshirts, Leather, SciFi Conventions… and Agriculture

About 12 months ago I had bloated up to massively obese 40 inch waist-line thanks to illness, twelves hours a day at the computer and junk-food.  Since then gym, vegetables and some sport has got me down to 36 inches.  I think I’ll back to a svelte, teen-like 34 inches in a few more months and that’s even with the occasional “cream-cake” lapse (well, it’s been years since I’ve been in the UK full-time and Epicurius beckons).

But to ensure the process continues- like a stumbling, dessicated, zomboidal mummy, I’ve been jogging, staggering and running around the local village green most mornings, much to the amusement/horror of the locals.  My own, personal version of The Walking Dead.   However, frightening alien-emerging thumps have been issuing from my chest during these escapades and, with a history of heart-disease and stroke rampant in my family, I’ve invested in a heart-rate monitor.  That way, at least I’ll have a slight advanced warning of imminent death and have time to compose one last sarcastic blog post for that final journey.  There are also other unpleasant things about my morning perambulations like that damp, lung-rasping cold and, worst of all, the occasional hideous agricultural smell wafting over from nearby fields.   Bloody countryside.

Roll on Tuesday when I’m going to be hitting London’s Forbidden Planet Megastore in search of more cool nerdy tee-shirts and a Star Trek command badge (I’m actually grinning as I type this), then some shopping around London for a new leather jacket (black, of course).

Other upcoming delights?  I’ll be up at the London Comic Mart on Sunday (29th April 2012) and later, in May, at London MCM Expo (Saturday 26th May 2012) and then the London Film and Comic Con in July (Saturday 7th July 2012).  Read about it in this blog, or in my newspaper column soon.

Here are a couple of photos of some latest acquisitions-

PacMan socks!

And an artfully faded Star Wars logo teeshirt-


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