Two of these uber choco biscuits were my after-dinner treat last night.  Mmmm.


Only one post today, as I actually have (overdue) work to do.

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2 Responses to Chocofantabulisimo

  1. timotheous says:

    The biscuit immediately reminded me of The Prisoner. The quality 1960s series, not the execrable remake on our screens a couple of years ago. Clearly, McKellen must’ve needed a new house around that time.

    Actually, the new version did serve to remind me of the wonderment that is Swakopmund – a fantastical place that everyone should visit at some point. Up there with Portmeirion.

    For the interested, a very good Blu-Ray boxset of the original series was released last year with a helpful book detailing episode storylines.

    And all from the image of Roy’s biscuit…frightening isn’t it?

    Be seeing you.


  2. Roy says:

    Hi Timotheous
    1/ I did not know that they re-made The Prisoner.
    2/ I had to wiki Swakopmund- Angelina Jolie? Seriously?
    Thanks for the comment. I always appreciate something interesting like this. Kudos.
    “Roy’s Biscuit”- I hope that won’t become a thing.
    Flaked rice pudding awaits.


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