SciFi Watering Holes: The Best Bars In All Possible Universes!

Chalmun’s Cantina, Mos Eisley, Tatooine
Where Captain Solo famously blasts a hole in Greedo before the latter has time to reach.  The band is also partly the reason I am learning to to play a musical instrument!

The Spacers Rave, Proton Alley, (Earth, I think…?)
John M. Harrison’s, wonderfully and evocatively named sleaze-pit in his  book The Centauri Device, where interstellar cargo-hauler Captain John Truck hangs out.

The Long Spoon Bar, The Moon Pool and The Mars Bar, Earth, Known Space
Larry Niven’s Long Spoon Bar in Antarctica, serves Earth’s spaceport and is a rest-stop for countless alien species. The others are two of the bars where psychic agent Gil Hamilton mourns the loss of his mohawk quiffed Belter friend Owen Jennison.

Quarks, Deep Space Nine, Bajor
Fancy a bent game of Doppler, a turn in the holo suite or an overpriced drink?  Quarks’ the place.

Ten Forward, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D)
Guinan, weird drinks and a great view.  If there’s ever been a better indicator of an advanced civilisation, it’s a civilisation that build bars on their spaceships.

William Gibson’s Gentleman Loser, Chiba City, Japan
Where console cowboys wrangle dodgy deals and delve in digital diabolism.  Try saying that three times.  Cyberpunk hang-out from the novel Neuromancer.

Callahan’s Cross Time Saloon, Earth
Spider Robinson’s watering hole for weirdos from every dimension.

The One Tun Inn, Farringdon, London, UK, Earth
Not fictional, actually exists.  It was where science fiction authors hung out in the 1970s and 1980s.  I visited a the place a couple of times hoping to bump into the legendary authors Harry Harrison or Bob Shaw, but never picked the right day.  Unbearably, years later, a mate did end up drinking with Harrison, but completely ignored the anonymous bloke in the corner who turned out to be Shaw.  Argh!  Still, it’s the work, not the man.

The Irish Heather, Gas Town, Vancouver, Canada, Earth
Another real place.  OK, the only reason this is on the list is that I’ve drunk enough Guinness in here to see flying saucers.  Unfortunately they’ve gone up-market now, so no more beer stained wooden booths-

I once met a siren from Sirius,
Says me to her eye, “You’ll not suck my brains dry,
‘Cause I’ve seen that movie and the moon’s in perigee,
So time to weigh neutronium anchor,
And, thus, adieu, farewell and goodbye.”
-Night at the Shebeen of the Irish Heather by me (sorry).

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