My First Page One Story!

OK, another first for me, bli’me, this is turning into quite a year- I’ve just had my first front page story!

A few days a ago, with drooping eyelids, in mum’s non-air-con’d study, I hunkered down to watch live blogging feeds stream in from the Apple event in America.  Being 12 hours ahead, this was never destined to be much of a scoop and the paper was already put to bed for the night, but as soon as it was over I hurriedly slapped down this story and e-mailed it off to the editor.  It’s had a lot of stuff chopped out and it’s also beneath the fold, but it’s still a page one story.

In anticipation of non-publication and/or cuts, I posted a full version of the article here yesterday.


(If you’re a new reader- first, thanks and second, this year I started a second career, or at least a paid hobby, as a tech columnist for the Independent Daily in Mauritius.  Hence, all the self-congratulatory back-slapping.)

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