Just Finished Watching Defying Gravity

OK, so this short-lived show from ABC ended abruptly at episode 14.  Is it worth the thirty-odd bucks from Amazon, you’ll need to pay to watch this legally?  Maybe, considering it’s cheaper than most video games and can, at least, soak 14 hours of viewing.

It is also much better than most cruddy stock TV movies from the likes of SyFy, but I have one or two problems that bug me about the show.  The Gray’s Anatomy-esque occasional voice-over narration is both horrible and pointless.  If there was someway to ditch that at it would be much better.  Also you’ll have to live with the fact that the show finishes suddenly.  However, the denouement of the last episode, at least, involves some achievement on the part of the crew of the Antares.  They finally land on Venus and retrieve one of the McGuffins. During this mission something slightly horrible happens to one of the astros, but that doesn’t stop me occasionally looking at my NASA astronaut training application form I sent off for at college.  Oh yes.

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