Fringe Season 4 Episode 14 and Defying Gravity Season 1 Episode 4

Fringe: Right, so… Alt-Nina Sharp has a shape-shifter double.  Should we call the imposter “Alt-Alt-Nina” I wonder?  What in gods’ name have the writers been imbibing?  Probably something cooked up by Walter/Alt-Walt (not to be confused with Walternate or Alt-Walternate).  Just why is Peter such a miserable git?  Walter seems like a hoot for a dad!  (Yes, Walter did fail to cure Peter 1.0 and then kidnapped Peter 2.0 from Walternate, but bygones, you know?)  I can actually feel my IQ rising just trying to keep all this stuff straight in my head.  Hard to believe this is a Fox network show sometimes.

Defying Gravity (2009): I said in my last post about how the nano tech magnetic coveralls seemed to work even when not worn in episode 3…  Well someone must have caught that discontinuity gremlin in episode 4.  Apparently there is also a special nano tech spray that the astros use for other things like hair and skivvies to make them magnetic too.  Ahhh right.  Some damn nerd must have whined about it at the time.  Can’t slip anything past a nerd!  Lovely ship though.

Ok, back to my night’s viewing.

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