Second Run TV: Defying Gravity

Defying Gravity (2009) was an amazing effects laden ABC TV show about a bunch of astros doing a grand tour of the solar system in the near future. Unfortunately the show only ran a single season.

The show heavily borrows from Kubrick’s 2001.  This can be seen, quite clearly in the design of the space-craft Antares and other small stylistic touches; like the bright red chairs in the viewing/lounge area. I particularly enjoyed watching it mainly for the sheer look of the thing. The views of space, the ship and the planets all look fantastic.

If I have one real problem with the show is the blatantly shallow device of having the astro’s uniforms impregnated with some sort of nano-tech that imbues them with artificial gravity. Budget didn’t stretch to too many zero-g SFXs one supposes. This conceit is patently absurd though, as later we see a couple of off-duty astros wander into the corridor in their skivvies without floating away.  Fire the continuity guy/girl please.

I’m enjoying the ride, though I’m only up to episode 3, but already it seems like the astros are not quite alone in space… No spoilers though, just this YouTube trailer-

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