Second Run: Actual Good Little Red Riding Hood Movies

Although Red Riding Hood (2011) was a horrible disastor, here are two movie interpretations of Little Red Riding Hood that are actually very good:

First, there’s Freeway (1996) with the excellent Reese Witherspoon and the uber creepy Kiefer Sutherland.    This is a gritty and bloody re-telling of the fairy-tale.  It’s modern settings actually enhance the timeless story and bring the fairy-tale back to its disturbing roots.  Incidentally, Little Red Riding Hood is one of the less unpleasant fairy-tales.  Read a story like The Juniper Tree for a truly horrifying fairy-tale that make films like Hostel look like My Little Pony: The Movie.

The second film is the dream-like and gorgeous The Company of Wolves by Neil Jordan.  This movie is set within the dreams of a present day (or, at least, late 20th century) teenage girl.  It interweaves the hopes, desires and fears of a female verging on woman-hood with the narrative of the fairy-tale.  I have often wondered at Neil Jordan’s insight into the female mind until the actual moment of writing these words.  A little googling revealed that the film’s screenplay was actually a self-adaptation of Angela Carter‘s original short-story; hence the insider knowledge!

Look out for an Angela Carter posting in future.

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