Second Run: Tree of Life- What the Hell Was It About? My Explanation

Basically it’s talking about the beauty and wonder of life, all life, even that of a suburban family and what it took to get to that stage of the story.  I.e. The evolution of everything- our universe, natural selection, cultural evolution etc…   It’s also trying to say that everyone’s life is beautiful and meaningful.  Sounds great now doesn’t it?  Unfortunately, I have to say that I could only stand 20 minutes of this dross.  The film-maker was patronising, cryptic and boring.  I don’t often criticise, because, quite frankly, making a film is hard.  But this really sucks tyrannosaur sized eggs.

The one way that this movie could be salvaged is that if someone was to re-edit it to remove all the acting and dialogue and just left all the other stuff- dinos, nature etc…, with the nice glassian soundtrack.  Then it would make one hell of a great “trip” film.

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