War Zone? Alien Invasion? Godzilla? The Sounds of the Mauritian Suburbs on New Year's Day!

Midnight and the New Year year’s here!  Happy 2012!  Some photos of me and my parents-

The pic below is my mum intimidating everyone with her Sony Bloggie MHS CM5, its an HD 1080p cam, but it’s not that great at night; more Sony “boggy” than “bloggie”.  All the pics in this post were taken with a Lumix DMC-LS70 7.2MP.  Pretty good, buts eats through batteries like the machines in the Matrix.  Re-sized the pics using the tres excellent Paintshop Pro 5.03.  Its funny, I always miss-spell this as “painshop”,  but that’s really more applicable to the bloated resource hog that Photoshop CS5 has become.  Come to think of it Paintshop started to bloat up too, post-version 5, so… mustn’t victimise Adobe too much!   Talking of bloating, mum found a dead pigeon this morning, it had toddled behind the sideboard in our dining room to die peacefully, but that’s a whole other story.  Mum didn’t film it.

Anyway back to the New Year, as you may or may not know already, I’m currently reporting from a little corner of the town of Curepipe, on the island of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean.  When I say quiet, I lied, because tonight the roar is deafening.  It sounds like someone was careless with cigarettes in a munitions factory!

Have a listen-

Just recorded a few minutes ago New Year 2012.wav

And this last year New Year 2011.wav

Incidentally, these were recorded using an ancient and very, very obsolete Sansa m240 mp3 player’s record function.  Of this neat little player, I have almost no complaints.  It plays mp3s, records wavs and has an FM radio built into it.  It is about the size of two thumb drives and takes one AAA battery.  My only complaint is that it doesn’t play flac files which is why it will eventually get replaced.  I love the fact that all the Sansa players can work in USB/MSC mode.  I.e. you plug it in and it just shows up as a mass-storage device.  No faffing about with iTunes.  Just drag and drop.  Ahhh… bliss (actually it all went Pete Tong a few months later and required me disassembling the thing and shorting out a chip on the PCB, so not so much bliss after-all!)

Finally, a couple of shots of dad in his annual attempt to blow himself up-



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