Happy New Year from Mauritius! Photos

Its New Year’s Eve here in Curepipe, Mauritius.  If you don’t know where that is, here is Mauritius circled in red at the far right of the map-

And here is Curepipe-

Curepipe is the highest town on the island, with an old volcano at the summit (that big round hole above).  Hopefully though, the only explosions tonight will be from the fireworks people will light to celebrate the 2012.  I should point out that, although everyone celebrates the western New Year, there are also other New Year celebrations each year held by the various communities including the Muslims, the Hindus and the Hakka people.

Anyway, I went shopping around town earlier today and I thought I’d show you some pictures, as most people outside the country think of Mauritius as a tiny, idyllic, quiet island paradise, and while it is a pretty country with lots of beaches, it is also bustling and busy.

Here is St. Therese Church where, until a couple of months ago, I used to sit on the front steps and watch the world go by from a safe distance.  Unfortunately they have now taken to locking the gates-

Here is the town hall and to the right the Carnegie Library-

And finally a London style traffic jam(!)-

Happy 2012 from Mauritius!

Who am I?  I’m Batman.  Ok, I’m not Batman (or Batwing).

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