Coolest Hackers on Film

There’s a million top ten lists out there of the ‘best hacking movies’, but I think this is the first one to look at best portrayals of the hackers themselves in movies.  By ‘best portrayal’, I don’t mean accuracy, because let’s face it, none of the movies seem to do justice to the cracking/hacking/coding profession.  What I mean are portrayals that make hackers look cool.  Hey, what do you expect?  I’m an ex-techie myself and anyone who makes a cheese puff eating, weirdo cool is an ok dude(tte) in my book.  Incidentally, I really would like you guys to contribute, so comments please, I mean this is my 50th article, thats 5-0, and mostly I’m only getting spam-merchants.  So enjoy and in no particular order of merit, here we go-

  1. Ving Rhames as Luther Stickell in the first Tom Cruise Mission Impossible from 1996, breaks all stereotypes- a huge hulk of man who avoids the rough stuff and wears designer clothes and Italian shoes.  What’s not to like?
  2. The Girl with Dragon Tattoo, she’s weird, she’s punky, she’s wicked-inked, got mad skillz and kicks serious bottom, need I go on?
  3. Ex-Sickboy, Johnner Lee Miller plays the genius hacker Zero Cool in Hackers.  He ends the movie in a dress, in a swimming pool with Angelina Jolie.  Dawg. I did like Lord Nikon from the film too.
  4. Blind Bishop in Sneakers, I loved this character, near the begining of the film we see him reading the braille copy of Playboy.  Apparently this really exists!
  5. The Halle Berry nobbling (well almost) Hugh Jackman character of Stanley Jobson in Swordfish.  OMG Halle.  (Note-to-self: must remember to stop prefixing the name ‘Halle’ with ‘OMG’).  Tangent- how that film dated- multi-monitor display set-ups are almost the norm now.
  6. Neo in The Matrix. OK, this guy really is the uber, UBER hacker.  He gets the girl, saves humanity, can fly like superman and is some kind super spiritual, pseudo-religious, messianic Buddha/Christ-like figure.  Also his apartment reminded me of the wire festooned bedroom of my youth.
  7. Jeff Bridges as Flynn in Tron, yes he’s got the chops, but who cares- HE LIVES IN AN ARCADE! Kudos. In the pic- his reaction on getting the high score.  I was never that guy!
  8. Wargames, dude gets the girl and saves the world and lives happily ever after.  Livin’ the dream.
  9. Sandra Bullock in The Net.  She’s shy, lives with her mum and endures and TRIUMPHS.  She is also a Mars Bar fried with habaneros.  Get it? Get it?  Oh shut up, I really don’t care what you think, this is my blog anyway.
  10. Finally, an honourable mention must go to the guy from the TV show Leverage.  The actor Aldis Hodge, plays computer genius Alec Hardison.  In the first episode we see the way he gets nabbed by the MAN.  And it really is just a rather utterly fly scene.  When caught in a hotel room with a bunch of girls all dressed as Princess Leia, he tries an old Jedi mind trick.  Absolutely pinnacle.  Here’s the clip-
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  1. Prem says:

    Hi, you’ve done quite some work. Well done—I’ll read the rest later


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