Fright Night, Fright Night II and Fright Night 2011

This is a repeated posting, because I somehow managed to lose this post with my frequent changes of WordPress blog names, imports and exports and…  ok… the truth?  I accidentally buggered up WordPress and lost the post.  To compensate for my stupidity I have greatly expanded on the original text.

A few weeks ago I watched, or rather re-watched Fright Night, as I saw the movie on its first release years ago.

This teeny horror from 1985 is a vampire flick in the more traditional sense; the vampire(s) here are  evil, rather than misunderstood, shiny, pretty things.

This fairly average movie, but fun and a nice way to spend an hour or two, but really the best thing about it is the wonderful Roddy McDowall.  I loved his portrayal of a phony TV, Helsing-a-like vampire-hunter.  Utterly charming.  The performances by Chris Sarandon as the bad guy and Amanda Bearse as the love interest are pretty good too.

The next film, Fright Night II, is the direct-to-video sequel.  Other than Roddy, its pretty bad.  I don’t like to criticise so strongly, but I really had to force myself to watch this movie.  The only cast to share the sequel are William Ragsdale and Roddy McDowall, gone even are the main cast of the first film- Chris Sarandon, and Amanda Bearse.  Its a real schlock fest.

The recent 2011 remake, Fright Night, has decent acting talent from the likes of Anton Yelchin, Chekov from Star Trek (2009), as the protagonist Charley Brewster, Colin Farrell as the bad guy and David Tennant reprising Roddy McDowall’s Peter Vincent and channeling Chris Angel.  But, despite a passable rating at IMDB, I have to say that it really was a chore to watch this movie.  For a start Colin Farrell is the least scary/disturbing bloke on film.  Why on earth does Hollywood keep sticking him with hard-man roles?  I mean, an evil, construction road-crew guy?  What the hell?!  Tennant, also slated for the sequel, does better as a washed up Vegas magician, but since the hilarious Drake Stone character in The Sorceror’s Apprentice, I can’t help feeling that the character-type has already been done-to-death.  Urgh and the guylined, goth look?  You know seeing that made me look back at my university days eye make-up dalliance with cringing regret. I should point out that my views are personal, so don’t get too offended, and if you haven’t seen the original film you might (possibly) like this.  I’m pretty sure Tennant fans will flock to see it and that was, admittedly, the hook that caught me too.

To end on a more positive note, here are the two Vincents side-by-side!


Its payback time, vampire scum!

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