How to Screw Up NaNoWriMo

The very same day you started NaNoWriMo, you started a diet, enrolled in a gym and began worrying about the bank account, which meant you also started to go to job interviews (ironically for writing jobs). You went to bed late and tired, woke late and exhausted with half the day gone bye-bye, then you rushed to make ridiculous deadlines, failed miserably, procrastinated, got even more stressed, panicked and finally dived, hysterically, kamikaze-like into a sea of time frenzied sharks. And the piece-de-resistance, the cherry on the dollop of clotted cream on the iced cake of hopeless endevour was succumbing to flu in a country where the temperature rarely drops below 30 C.  Bravo.  I doff my hat to myself sir.

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One Response to How to Screw Up NaNoWriMo

  1. Cassie says:

    haha, story of my life.


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