TV Hell: Christmas Viewing

With Christmas rapidly approaching I’ve been trying to broaden my TV consumption and catching up with shows I’ve missed over the last couple of years.

First, I really made an honest attempt to get into Star Wars: Clones Wars after years of avoiding it.  I managed to get through the first three episides, when I suddenly realised it was becomming something of a chore.  Its not badly produced or anything, its just, well its the dilution of the whole Star Wars franchise for the small screen that I couldn’t stomach.  On the plus side, I felt that the characterisation of minor characters was better than in the last three Star Wars films.

I also watched a couple of episodes of Mental.  Not having read the reviews of the series, it took me until the third episode to realise that this is House!  Good acting, but what an utterly crass attempt by Fox to recreate another of their own shows.  What were they thinking?

Finally, I tried to get into NBC’s The Cape, or at least the first season, before it was cancelled earlier this year.  This is odd, I should, by all acounts, have enjoyed the show- no silly costumes, passable cast, a circus act and the beautiful Summer Glau, from Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles (another show I couldn’t watch, no fault of her’s though!)  But the dark city-scapes, the black cloak and mask and the, not so scary, arch enemy Chess made me think of Batman without the bad guys.  The show particularly lost me after episode two and the battle with ex-chef Cain the posioner.  Ironically, the whole concept of a maniac, serial-killing chef is great, look at Gordon Ramsey in Hell’s kitchen, he’s actually almost there!  So why did this series go so wrong despite the great cast and non-cliched heroes and villains?  Art is fickle.

So my Christmas viewing catalogue has somewhat contracted in scope and its back to the tried and trusted old favourites.  This year its going to be the movies from Batman: The Animated Series.

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