Nerd Confessional: What I Actually Watch

Hats off to the actors and actresses, who almost universally, act their pants off, but lately I think my geek cred may be slipping, because there is so much TV that I cannot bare to watch anymore.


Shows I do watch –

  • Big Bang Theory – Never miss and episode
  • Dexter – Never miss and episode
  • Castle – Getting a bit samey, likeable because of Rick and Beckett.
  • Fith Gear – I hate Tiff’s driving gloves, I really hate them.
  • Fringe – Never miss and episode and, apparently, John Noble used to shop at my local Safeway in Vancouver’s West End.
  • Game of Thrones – Ok, despite the Starz-like bonk and schlock.
  • House – Getting soapy warning!
  • How I Met Your Mother – ONLY because of NPH
  • Madmen – Compulsive viewing.
  • Terra Nova – I know, I know, but time travel and dinosaurs.
  • The Fades – Ended, right where it should.
  • The Gadget Show – Well, until someone bring’s back Tomorrow’s World!
  • The Walking Dead – Getting soapy warning!
  • Warehouse 13
  • Doctor Who – Annoyed that they tried to make Matt Smith’s Doctor so professorial, why didn’t they just play into his youth and charm?

Shows I just can’t watch-

  • Being Human (UK) – They spoiled it by replacing the excellent Guy Flanagan and other main characters right after the pilot and, again, why bother with the USA version.
  • Camelot– Couldn’t make it past the first few episodes of this Starz series, I’m not sure why, it didn’t seem too awful.
  • Caprica – Soap!
  • Falling Skies – Well I like Noah and Moon, but its just a bit flat.
  • Flash Gordon – Reviews panned it, I watched a couple of Youtube clips and sort of agree.   Pity.
  • Merlin – See Camelot above.
  • Primeval – Gave up after the universes split.
  • Red Dwarf (USA) – Why bother?
  • Spartacus: Blood and Sand – First, I got Romaned out with Rome.  Sceond; this is just Frankie Howerd’s Pompei with chainsaws
  • Star Wars: Clone Wars – See Terminator below
  • Supernatural – Although the acting is great and I love the car, it reminded me too much of that great film Frailty with Bill Paxton, also the whole sameol, sameol biblical angels vs demons thing started to bore me.
  • Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles – Big, big screen to small screen?  Eh, no thanks!
  • Vampire Diaries – Too soapy.
  • Stargate SG1 and later spin-offs – The CSI Miami dilution effect.  Also I couldn’t get pass the fact that Teeuk is so much smaller than Daniel Jackson (watch the out-takes).

Find yourself in the same situation?

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  1. Del says:

    greetings, superb blog page, one for my bookmarks.


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