.tek: 60 Second Science: Faster Than Light Neutrinos in Plain English

If you’re like me, you’ve heard the whole hoo-ha about those pesky-little faster-than-light neutrinos and are probably wondering what in Hades is going on.  So I dug around a bit this morning and here’s my understanding-

What’s Happened?
In an experiment, sub-atomic particles (neutrinos) were sent 730km from Geneva (CERN) to Italy (INFN-Gran Sasso laboratory). The team conducting the experiment said that they measured faster-than-light speeds in the neutrinos because they arrived sooner than it would have taken light (photons) to have made the same journey.

So What?
Modern physics is built on the principle that nothing goes faster than light, so if the findings prove to be correct, much of physics will change. One example application for faster than light neutrinos could be new forms of high speed communications, that are faster than existing fibre-optic networks which use light.

What’s Happening Now?
Since the news, other scientist have been re-testing the experiment, for example, a different team has found that the super speedy neutrinos lose no energy on their trip. This, according to other boffins such as Nobel prize-winning physicist Sheldon(another one?!) Glashow, is impossible casting doubt on the first team’s results.

Chek Sa Tek!


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2 Responses to .tek: 60 Second Science: Faster Than Light Neutrinos in Plain English

  1. Chuck says:

    greetings, very good website, and a decent understand! at least one for my bookmarking.


  2. Kelle says:

    Big follower with this website, loads of your articles. Blog posts have truly helped me out. Awaiting updates!


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