.tek: Infotech 2011 Attended: Nice Girls, But No Bargains and a Bit Boring

I finally got back from Infotech 2011 a few minutes ago.  Preliminary impressions were that of most small trade fairs; nice girls and a bit boring.  Well, I was expecting elephants and dancing-girls, so I suppose that my expectations may have been a little unrealistic.



I spoke to a few reps, wandered around a bit took a few photos.

Yes, that is me in the faux hula shirt all my hideous, majestic glory.



Some of the stands were selling off old stock, at only slightly reduced prices (big whoop).  Orange, were selling the older iPhone 4 in preparation for a delivery of the iPhone 4S in January which, of course, means another great big, long wait for Mauritians who want to buy it the only affordable way you can, i.e. with a contract.  You can, of course, buy the 4S right now, contract free, if you have enormous wads of cash at the iShop.

Finally, Nokia’s heavily promoted N9, available everywhere, for an outrageously astronomical price of R32,000+.  Nice phone, but who can afford them?

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